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Amenities available

22 bay floodlit driving range
Short game practice area
Practice putting green
Trackman Simulator

Trent Lock Golf: Premier All-Weather Training Facility

At Elite Golf Academies located in the picturesque Trent Lock Nottingham, we take pride in our state-of-the-art all-weather training amenities. Our covered and floodlit driving range is open for golf enthusiasts seven days a week, ensuring that come rain, snow, or sunshine, your golfing progress never halts. With 22 bays, including two dedicated for left-handed players, our driving range is designed to cater to golfers of all preferences.

Elite PGA Golf Coaching at Trent Lock

Unlock your full potential with Elite PGA Golf Coaching at Trent Lock. Our team of accredited PGA professionals is dedicated to enhancing your skills through personalized coaching sessions. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, our experts analyze and refine your technique, ensuring a transformative learning experience. Embrace the journey to golfing excellence with our bespoke coaching programs.

Tailored Golf Lessons at Trent Lock

Embark on a custom-tailored golfing adventure with Trent Lock’s Tailored Golf Lessons. Our structured lesson packages are crafted to align with your unique golfing aspirations. From one-on-one sessions to group clinics, we offer a diverse range of instructional formats to suit your learning style. Experience the pinnacle of golf instruction and elevate your game with our personalized lesson plans.

Cutting-Edge Trackman Technology at Trent Lock

At Trent Lock, we harness the power of Trackman 4, the pinnacle of golf swing analysis technology. Trackman 4’s dual radar system provides a wealth of data, including club speed, ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate. This advanced equipment offers instant feedback, allowing for precise adjustments and a deeper understanding of the swing mechanics. Embrace the future of golf training with our Trackman-enhanced lessons.

Trackman: Revolutionizing Golf Instruction

Trackman technology is revolutionizing golf instruction at Trent Lock by providing detailed insights into every aspect of a golfer’s swing and ball flight With its camera-radar combination, Trackman analyzes metrics with unparalleled accuracy, offering clear, actionable data to improve your game. Experience the transformative impact of Trackman in our golf lessons and see the difference in your performance.


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