Leveraging Trackman Technology at Elite Golf Academies

11 Jan 2022
Leveraging Trackman Technology at Elite Golf Academies

Leveraging Trackman Technology at Our Golf Academies

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Elite Golf Academies is committed to providing the best coaching experience for our clients. We understand the importance of leveraging state-of-the-art technology to improve our coaching methods and deliver stellar results. One such technology that we extensively use is the Trackman launch monitor. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of this technology and how we utilise it to enhance training at our academy.

Understanding the Trackman Launch Monitor

Trackman is a leading name in the golf industry, known for its accuracy, reliability, and user-friendliness. This launch monitor employs Doppler radar technology to track the 3D movement of the golf club head and golf ball during a shot. The dual-radar technology, exclusive to Trackman, allows independent tracking of the club and ball, providing precise data on various aspects of a golf shot.

The Uniqueness of the Trackman Monitor

The Trackman monitor stands apart from other launch monitors due to its dual-radar technology. This feature provides two separate radar systems that track the club and ball independently, which no other launch monitor offers. This precise tracking system eliminates the possibility of error in data reporting, allowing our coaches to provide highly accurate feedback.

How Trackman Assists in Capturing Accurate Club Data

The Trackman system can track the club head from knee-high to knee-high, collecting around 4000 data points in 0.1 second through this arc. This comprehensive data collection enables it to report key club data without the need for markers on the club head. It is even capable of reporting impact data at the exact moment of maximum compression, measured at the geometric centre of the club. This level of precision ensures ultra-high accuracy in tracking and data reporting.

Trackman’s Versatility with Different Balls and Conditions

Trackman’s advanced technology allows it to track the full ball flight in real-time, providing data on what actually happened to the golf ball. This feature is particularly useful when using different types of balls and in varying weather or altitude conditions. The system can adjust the data according to the environmental variables, helping golfers understand how a premium ball would perform under the same launch conditions as a range ball.

Trackman’s Role in Broadcasts

Trackman is not only useful for golf coaching but is also used extensively by television broadcasters for golf coverage. The system can measure the ball flight, selected ball data like ball speed, apex height, curvature, and club data such as club speed. This technology is set to be featured on nearly every tee in major golf tournaments in the coming years, providing viewers with insightful data on players’ performance.

The Benefit of Trackman for Average Golfers

While Trackman is widely used by professional golfers, it is equally beneficial for amateur and average golfers. Many coaches believe that these golfers stand to gain more from the Trackman system as they have more room for improvement in club delivery.

Trackman at Our Golf Academy

At our golf academies, we utilise Trackman technology to its fullest capacity. From providing accurate club data to our coaches to helping golfers understand their shots better, Trackman plays a crucial role in our coaching methods. In addition to regular coaching sessions, We use Trackman so we can take detailed video recordings of your swing, to make improvements and then compare the before and after videos.

The Final Word

Trackman technology has revolutionised golf coaching, and we are proud to incorporate it into our training methods at our academies. By providing accurate and detailed data on every shot, it allows our members to understand their performance better and work on specific areas of improvement. As we continue to leverage this technology, we look forward to seeing our members achieve new heights in their golfing journey.

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